As Koz Pharmaceuticals, our biggest strength is our values. Our passion and dedication to respect, hard work, production and investment constitute our core values that steer our brand. We produce original content with our mission that aims to provide our customers with the top quality raw material and conduct our business with rigorous attention to detail in our Research and Development task by our expert team and high technology machinery. We believe in our values and carry out our tasks with passion until the end in our cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and advertisement services. We gain the consumer customers with these values that take us one step ahead and produce top quality products that will level up the competition in the industry while staying true to the differences and opportunities. With customer satisfaction as our first goal, we find new solutions to possible problems. As a team, we aim to reach a vast customer base with compassion, respect and tolerance.


Our basis in our services is quality. It is of utmost importance to us in the processes of production, services, selling and post-sales. We improve our content and services in a way that will change the industry.


We design our products with the herbal essences and herbal oil that the nature provides us and our licensed company produces them with the documentation of quality and food control that have been issued by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and Metropolitan Municipality ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, ISO 22000:2005 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards. In addition to our specially licensed standard herbal extract raw material, we use raw material that has been clinically and toxicologically tested on real people. We prioritize quality over price when choosing the raw material and guarantee the products we put out are unmatched.

We share our customers goals by supporting them in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and advertisement industries in every step with our Research and Development studies and brand and advertisement consulting services with the help of our expert and experienced team and develop innovative and practical solutions to their needs.

We keep a close eye on the modern scientific and technological developments and make sure our production utilizes the high technology. We institute the quality of our production, consulting and contract manufacturing services.